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Steg G - Surface Pressure (LTD edition CD album  - Pre order)

Steg G - Surface Pressure (LTD edition CD album - Pre order)



Steg G - Surface Pressure (CD album) - comes with FREE stickers




We are at the final moment.....  

that moment in time when we (humanity) either act responsible and face the massive elephant in the room, or give up trying and face the consequences.  


The album explores all the emotions, feelings, thoughts and concerns present in our society around the issues of climate change, politics and community,  brought to life by 10 of Scotland's best Rappers.  


"A powerful  blend of helplessness, defiance, love, rage and spirituality" 


Sonically this album is underpinned by a futuristic industrial soundscape that nostalgically harks back to a much simpler time, a blend of synths and organic textures.


01 - Twilight ft Solareye

02 -  The Rise and Fall ft Jam

03 - No Future  ft Sweet Rouge

04 - The Promise ft Freestyle Master

05 - Part of the Problem ft Conscious Route

06 - The Point of no Return ft Respek BA

07 - Hope and Despair ft Nova

08 - Footnote ft Johnny Cypher

09 - The Road to salvation ft Jay-lee

10 - The Final Curtain ft Empress


CD;s manufactured with recycled card and materials

Digital version (mp3) will also be provided


*LIMITED TO 100 COPIES* free stickers with every order

Pre order


    Steg G - Hip Hop Artist / Composer / Educator / Broadcaster

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