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Steg G - The Air In Between ( CD album)

Steg G - The Air In Between ( CD album)

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Steg G - The Air In Between (album)

featuring: Solareye, Freestyle Master, Empress, CCTV


The Air In Between is a Hip Hop concept album.   It is 3 tales within a story that intertwine's and twists the past to present. 


Steg G said: “The Air In Between explores exile, loneliness, economic activity and time, basically the things we need to do to survive, tales across time collide in these streets.”


Avalible to stream on Spotify:


Avalible on Cd from bandcamp:


Steg G – Home feat Freestyle Master (music video)


Steg G – Life on Tick feat CCTV (music video)


Steg G - Another Day Another Way - feat Empress (music video)


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    Steg G - Hip Hop Artist / Composer / Educator / Broadcaster

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