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Times Like These / Demons - vinyl bundle

Times Like These / Demons - vinyl bundle

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2 album bundle 


Times Like These / Demons - vinyl bundle


Steg G & the Freestyle Master - Times Like These

Limited edition RED vinyl press of the latest Steg G & the Dreestyle Master album - Times Like These



  • 01 -  Welcome 2 My World
  • 02 - Between The Lines
  • 03 - Times Like These
  • 04 - All We Got
  • 05 - Cause and Effect
  • 06 - Spitefully Grimey
  • 07 - The Poison ft CCTV
  • 08 - She's A Psycho 
  • 09 -  Rewind
  • 10  - Sunset


Times like These is the new  album from  Steg

G & the Freestyle Master.   the album delves into

the nature of time, from times past to pastimes,

from hard times to good times, from us wasting time to time wasting us.


released through label powercut productions, times like these

available on 1limited Red 12” vinyl and streaming formats , with vinyl 

pressed locally in Scotland using only enviromentally friendly materials and best 

practices in the manufacture process.





Weegie - ft Freestyle Master, Jam

Demons  ft Freestyle Master

Exodus  ft Freestyle Master

Livin Devilish  ft Cappo, Solareye

Voices  ft Freestyle Master

Vultures  ft McRoy

Scheme Songs  ft Freestyle Master

Torments of the Flesh  ft Empress, Jam, Freestyle master, Solareye

Saints and Sinners  ft Empress

The Grand Plan  ft Freestyle master


In stock and avalible


Demons is the latest album from award-winning hip hop artist Steg G, 


In contrast with Steg G’s previous works which deal primarily with external matters such as climate change and economic turmoils, Demons delves deep into the internal battles he has faced in recent years.


Steg G drew inspiration from the mental health issues and the process of facing his own personal demons head on.


Demons features Steg G on vocals and production duties with guest appearances from Best Hip-Hop act winner at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, Solareye (Stanley Odd), Nottingham-based rap artist Cappo, rapper Freestyle Master and renowned  performer Empress, and other hotly tipped rappers McRoy and Jam of duo CCTV.




    Steg G - Hip Hop Artist / Composer / Educator / Broadcaster

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